12 Updates for Haiti

Having visited Haiti earlier this month I decided to mark the fourth month anniversary of the 12th January 2010 earthquake on the 12th May with 12 updates which I placed on twitter, Facebook and a number of other sites.  They are as below:

1.     Sadly devastation in Haiti is much worse than what television portrayed & the risks remain high. ref: Sean Penn: http://bit.ly/dnu8tf

2.     When the disaster occurred a man cried out “Do something so that people can have hope” There is still a lot of need for things to be done

3.     In addition to damage of the palace, most Government buildings in were severally damaged or completed destroyed displaying Govt depts.

4.     A significant number of people Haiti in live now tent camps – some real tents others made up & often not rainproof – it’s hurricane season

5.     A lot of people in Haiti whose homes were not badly damaged sleep in tents by their houses/in compounds for fear of further earthquakes

6.     Last Monday while in Haiti there was a 4.4 scale aftershock. The ground beneath my feet literally shook. This was not d 1st aftershock

7.     In Haiti there are still half collapsed buildings across the city with massive amounts of rubble in the streets

8.     Haiti a camp coordinator said- thank God we are still alive, thank u for coming it’s good to know people care –we r all brothers & sisters

9.     I was informed that prior to the earthquake the key needs of Haiti were Food & work. Now there is an additional need for Housing

10. Big concern is what happens when disaster relief ends in Haiti. Unlike other places, most pp in Haiti don’t have a “normal” life to resume

11. A key solution for Haiti lies in the hands of Haitians at home & in Diaspora to work with the support of the rest of the world

12. A lot of caring people are making a difference in Haiti, but it feels like a gigantic wound is being covered with a tiny plaster

I plan to provide 12th updates on the 12th of every month up until the 12th January 2011, the 1st year anniversary of the earthquake.

Please don’t forget Haiti!

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