Beautiful – Poem Dedicated to Haiti


Lifted out from the rubble

Dirt on your face

Bloody and scared

But something in your eyes

Makes me stop and realise

~        How beautiful you are

Maybe it’s the way you stand tall

And walk away, still trying to find a way

Maybe it’s the way you don’t complain

Regardless of the immensity of your pain

Whatever the case, there’s something in your eyes

That leaves me amazed at

~          how beautiful you are

Looking back in time

I come to realise, how much you’ve endured

Self inflicted, imposed by others

But you’ve stood tall through it all

Dancing and singing

That the world may see

~          How beautiful you are

Maybe now’s the time

For you to scrub up

And put on your make up

That all may truly see the beauty you are

I don’t mind bringing soap

While others bring water

That the whole world may behold

~          The beauty that you are.

(c) Susan Popoola 40:087:17:25

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