First impressions count, but so do Second Impressions

First impressions count, but so do second impressions. I was reminded of this recently when I recently met someone at an event who I’d previously met, but not really taken to the first time that we met. Basically, if I’m to be honest, I found him a bit too pushy in his sales pitch.

However, on the recent occasion when I met him, he saw me from a distance and gave to me with a big smile on his face. “Hello Susan”, he said. “How are you and how’s business?” I was surprised, not only did he remember my face, he remembered my name when I had thought that he’s sole focus had been to push his agenda. He proceeded to have a good conversation, updating each on what we were both doing.

On my way home I found myself reflecting on this situation. He is really quite a nice guy – knowledgeable and intelligent with a willingness to help. If had not met him for a second time or had snobbed him when I’d seen him because of my first impression. He may have lost out from a potential relationship which could end up being beneficial to him, but also to me.

So yes, judge people on your first impression of them, but keep an open mind as for good or for bad, they may turn out to be different from what you original thought.


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