Going Local

Just before Christmas, I was told about a local Farm shop which is said to have some very good supplies.  I wanted to immediately rush along and see what they have in store but I was put off by the snow.  Subsequent to that the past few weekends have been exceptionally busy so I haven’t …

Value Begets Value

The truth, however is that for most people just as for my friend, such actions by employers make people feel valued and when they feel that they are valuable to their employers they tend to want to work that much harder to add value to the organisations. Besides which they become the biggest advocates for the organisation.

Susan's New Year's Honours Lists

With all this in mind I am reminded of the people that I observed through 2010 who stood firm for something that they believe in regardless of the risks and the costs. With many of them I am not in total agreement, with some I actually believe that their cause is wrong, but they are consistent and they stand and I respect that. Some of them include people that passed away during the year. It’s sad to see them go, but great that their lives had a specific meaning.

The Black Diary

I really should be working – pulling together the information from today’s meetings, preparing for the next, doing some business development or some business writing. Instead, I find myself reflecting on a conversation that I had earlier with one of my nieces during which we spoke of the black diary.

Haitan Hope

While the people of Haiti recognised the hardship within their country, they spoke of the place with great pride and persistently asked me if I like their country. They consistently spoke of how they wanted to stay in their country and help its development. They also spoke about how the hardships they were faced with would force them to leave if the opportunity arose.

Time to Shine

She looked at him contemplatively – wondering how he would respond. Then still looking at him in a somewhat cowed position she removed the scarf to reveal the scars. He stared but not with the look of disgust that she had anticipated that would lead him to look away and find an excuse to walk …