The Squirrel

Recently, I was at the University of Northampton for a meeting.  Because it was such a nice lovely day the lady that I was meeting with suggested that we sit outside and talk.

As we sat talking she noticed a squirrel merrily skipping along oblivious to our presence and brought it to my attention. We stopped talking for some time to observe the squirrel.  We were somewhat horrified to notice it suddenly jump into the bin.  However, it shortly came out with an empty sandwich case.  It started pecking away at the case with the hope that it would find something to eat, but after a while it got tired and skipped away leaving the sandwich case on the ground.

“Don’t leave that that there” called out the lady I was talking to, but the squirrel just skipped away.

I smiled and wondered, how many people would think it was one of young students that we had seen on the campus for a summer course that had left the sandwich case on the ground.


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