Trying to Eat Healthily


Sainsbury Carrot Juice

For the first time ever, courtesy of Sainsbury’s I drank vegetable juice (combined with fruit juice) this past weekend.  I’m pretty surprised to say that though I was somewhat hesitant, drinks of carrot juice and beetroot juice each mixed with different fruits was not only palatable, but actually quiet refreshing a nice.

You may wonder why I’m mentioning this?  Well you see over recent times I’ve become increasingly aware of my health and what I eat. When I go out I therefore look for health options for the most part. I however find it’s a struggle to find anything both healthy and appealing.

A couple of weeks back I was in Birmingham for an athletics event in Birmingham  and all the food menus seemed to be very much aligned to the one below.


Burger Menu


In frustration, I tweeted about this – questioning whether the athletes ate it. The food seemed to be a bit of a contradiction to a sports environment.

Going back this last weekend, I both made sure that I ate before I left home and additionally took some food of my own choice.  Regardless, walking into the venue, I decided to visit the Sainsbury’s stand which I hadn’t had the time to get to on my last visit.  They weren’t actually there to sell food, rather as the sponsor to the event, they were out to create an awareness of some of their healthy products.

That aside it was very much burger land with drinks of soda, larger, coffee and tea to wash it down. I haven’t suddenly become a health fanatic, however, I do believe it w\s nice to have some healthy options. I’m therefore please to have noticed a stall with some slices of watermelons and on my way out I got some delicious freshly picked farm strawberries.

Maybe when I go back next year there will be more variety/balance in the options.  After all if you can’t get that at a sports event how can we expect it anywhere else.