Walking on Sunshine

I’m normally a happy, positive, smiling person, but on Thursday I received a phone call which made me feel as if I was actually walking on sunshine. I tried to contain my excitement, but all my efforts were futile. So if you were in Central Milton Keynes on Thursday and happened to come across a lady all suited up, jiggling along as she walked with headphones in – I confess, that was probably me. Since I don’t have any teenage children to have been embarrassed by my behaviour, I think I may have got away with such behaviour.

Although the teenagers of the world are more likely to be embarrassed for me than by me, I have questioned myself as to whether my euphoria may have been a bit extreme. After all, I’ve asked myself, what will happen if my new source of excitement is withdrawn? Will I suddenly go to the opposite extreme and become a melancholic nightmare.

On reflection I have, however, concluded that I should continue to at least try and walk on sunshine, but moderate my behaviour – in public. The reality is there is always something to be happy and excited about – after all even on a dull, rainy day, the sun does still shine. I know this for a fact based on the experience of sitting in a conservatory on a cold winter’s day. So sometimes it may be harder to find the sun, but it’s always there. Even if you don’t have a conservatory and can’t locate the sun anywhere else, as sure as there is day and night the sun will shine again.

Susan Popoola

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