What Gives Us The Right …?

Like some many others, I had the priviledge of listening to Susan Boyle auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent over the weekend. Beyond shadow of a doubt her singing was impressive, but as the more I read commentaries on the audition, the more I become saddened and concerned.

You see I’m increasingly reading comments where people very casually refer to her as ugly or express a desire to give her a makeover. The fact that she does not look like someone from a glossy magazine does not make her ugy – from that perspective, she’s just another everyday person.

Possibly singing in front of an audience and possibly the Queen means she will need to sharpen her image a bit, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she needs a complete makeover.

So I say well done to Susan. If she does want a makeover, then good for her, but if not then may she happily be as she is.

For the rest of us, one of the judges, Amanda said that Susan was a big wake up call. Let it truly be so as the question on my mind remains – “What Gives Us The Right?”


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