Ecosystems in relation to Corona Virus

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Reflecting on the situation with Corona Virus, no one can say for sure how badly we are going to be affected by the virus. As with everything else, there is a reality that panicking never helps. There is the baseline recommendation that people wash their hands regularly, most especially after using the toilet – I would add that this would be most effective if people don’t take books, magazines or mobiles to the toilet with them.

Beyond this, one key thing that crosses my mind is the need for us as individuals and organisations to review our ecosystems. Thinking specifically of organisations, a challenge is not just that employees may be affected, there is also the risk of parents or children that an employee has caring responsibilities for being affected. As such schools closing for a period may impact the attendance of some of your employees. Can they work from home, take time off or how do such absences affect their pay?

Beyond pay, how will absences affect the functioning of an organisation? Is there a possibility that an organisation may need to close for a period.

Further, what’s happening in your supply chain and are there actions you need to take?

I believe this all requires examination, thought and communication with all relevant parties. I believe if you have a risk register in place, you already have a good start. Employees who know that their organisations have the situation in hand and that they will be supported in the likely situation that there is a problem are less likely to take unnecessary risks.


Susan Popoola

Human Value Optimisation Specialist, Developing a Mosaic World

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