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Shared Organisation AND Employee Values

An organisation has a Customer Charter that specifies that it has an excellent reputation for trading honestly, maintaining their reputation by actively pursing the highest levels of customer care and integrity.   The customer’s Charter goes on to promise:

  1. A focus on customer needs

  2. Never pressure selling

  3. Aftersales care

To add credibility to this, the website additionally includes a number of testimonials inclusive of one concluding on the note “ A first class service that I have already recommended to friends and family”

It all sounds very good and it is possible that this is what the management of the organisation truly believe.

However, recently two of the organisation’s employees were secretly filmed by a consumer support programme and exposed as doing the exact opposite of what the organisation espouses. Even though the organisation went on to suspend both employees, for many who watched the programme the organisation’s espoused values become meaningless and the organisation will lose all credibility.

To me it clearly reiterates the need for organisations to recruit employees that are not only technically able, but that also share the organisations values and beliefs. Also providing training and/or briefing to employees to ensure that they understand what this means in practical terms.

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