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Sometimes our Greatest Successes Lie Beyond Our Dreams

Have you heard of Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister?

If you live in Britain and know anything at all about British politics, you’ll know that he once had a dream – the dream of becoming Prime Minister. He is said to have waited – not to patiently for 13 years whilst Tony Blair was first leader of the opposition for 3 years and then prime minister for 10 years. Finally, Tony Blair stepped down and uncontested (at least in public), Gordon Brown became Prime Minister.  The fulfillment of a dream!

Gordon Brown was Prime Minister from 24th June 2007 until the 11th May 2010 when Labour lost the general elections and the coalition Government under the Premiership of David Cameron took over.

His time as Prime Minister was short, many people were critical of his effectiveness, but it’s probably fair to say the dream was still met – fulfilling or not.  If I have one criticism of Brown, it would be to question whether he was true to himself and his beliefs during his time as Prime Minister.

Brown is still involved in politics as a backbencher, but critically he is also now a Board Director of the World Wide Web Foundation “advising on ways to involve disadvantaged communities and global leaders in the development of sustainable programs that connect humanity and affect positive change”

I’m pleased about this because I believe it provides Gordon Brown with the opportunity to fully represent who he is and what he believes in. I believe that with the kudos that come from him having been Prime Minister in this role he will be able to really and trully excel at being who he is and have a real long lasting impact.

The funny thing is it doesn’t just apply to Brown with many of us with dreams fulfilled or unfulfilled; fulfilled but not really fulfilling or whatever the case may be, the real success lies just beyond the dream.  It doesn’t jut apply to that dream job, but also relationships as most other things in life. Do you remember that person that you met – the guy or girl of your dreams – things didn’t quite work out as you had hoped and you were devastated, but then someone else came along…

As it’s the beginning of a new year so it’s worth me concluding by saying: this year go for your dreams, but if they are not totally fulfilled, don’t despair, it really and truly is not the end of the world. Something much better may just be around the corner – just keep the faith.


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