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Earlier this week, I walked into a supermarket full of empty shelves I felt as if it was a movie in which there had been some kind of disaster and we were now in the aftermath. Walking around the supermarket in a daze, I bumped into a gentleman walking to the wine aisle. Talking about the empty shelves, he went on to talk about how he’s travel business had been totally devastated in the space of two weeks.

I’m so sorry to hear that I said as he spoke of the ramifications of the virus, the cancellations of flights and the impact on not just him as a business owner, but the people he working for him. Do you have a business card, I ask? No, responded with a quizzical look on his face. I pointed out that I didn’t know how long the current situation would last for, but if I had his card, I could use his services when things turn around and also refer him to others. I work for businesses he pointed out. I run a business I responded. He probably wasn’t in the right place for it, however, if he had been curious about me and asked questions about me. If he had, he would have found that I’m reasonably well networked with local businesses and work with Human Resources Departments of different organisations as others that may have responsibility for booking business trips. I didn’t want to push so I once more expressed how sorry I was about the situation he was in, wished him well and walked away.

There were, however, two key things that stuck with me from the conversation:

– Small businesses will survive and if not recover if we all get behind them.

– There is a need for us all to be open as we never know who may be able to support and help us through whatever we may be going through on both a personal or business level.


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