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Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

I recently saw an advert on twitter for a Sales and Marketing Manager.  It specified, “Sales and Marketing Manager, ideally a return to work Mum full or part time consider. Salary ……..”

I always advice people against such adverts as I believe that they place people at risk of discrimination claims.  In this case from someone who is not a mum who unsuccessfully applies for the job.

I always say, think instead of what it is about a return to work mum that would make her suitable for the position – the competencies, capabilities and job requirements.

So is it that the return to work mum will be looking for flexible hours.  If so specific that the job will be suitable for someone looking for flexible hours. That way the male or female (possibly studying part time or something) who is also looking for flexible working hours will not feel as if he or she has been excluded or discriminated against right from the onset.


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