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The Fallacy of a Referendum

The EU Referendum debate was an opportunity for us to have an intelligent discussion about some of the challenges that we face as a nation with reflections on the potential opportunities and solutions both in and out of Europe. Sadly, It seems to me that we have failed on this account. Although I may be exaggerating, it seems that every faction on the leave side attributes or at least links every problem that we have to Europe, whilst the remain faction speaks of how great Europe is for virtually everything.

Fundamentally, I’ve come to realise that if you spoke to 10 different people on their reasoning for voting for either leave or remain; you’re likely to get 10 different reasons from either side.

The different factions also have different storylines in relation to what in or out means… largely on the basis of their ideologies or simply what they believe will gain them support. Truth be told, even if any of the pictures painted were actually workable in totally, it’s not possible for all the in or out positions to be realised.

Where the intending to vote for Remain the focus should be on what current and future elected governments are likely to do. For those intending to vote to Leave, take a look at the official vote leave position ref: ; it’s key members and consider both what they say leaving Europe will mean together with what they are likely to do. Then vote.

Susan Popoola is the Managing Director of Conning Towers Ltd, a Human Value Optimisation organisation, focused on Talent Management and HR Transformation for Innovative, High Potential organisations.  She is also the published author of Touching The Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective and Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain.

Copyright 2016. This document is the specific intellectual property of Susan Popoola. Content may not be reused or reproduced without the specific permission of the owner or a reference to the source.

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