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The Spirit of an Explorer

If you have the spirit of an explorer, sometimes you set out on a path without actually knowing where it will lead.

But it will lead somewhere and if it’s not where you want to be you can turn back and start over or start from where the path seized to feel right.

But mind you don’t turn back to soon as by pressing on you may find you’re actually on a desirable path.


Susan Popoola runs Conning Towers Ltd, an HR organisation focused on Talent Management and HR Transformation and Engaged For Success a Social Enterprise. She is also the published author of Touching The Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective and Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain. She is also Winner Women4Africa Author of the Year 2013

Copyright 2015. This document is the specific intellectual property of Susan Popoola. Content may not be reused or reproduced without the specific permission of the owner or a reference to the source. Opinions may be generated

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