Trees With No Fruit

Yesterday I was at an Arts Exhibitions on Trees. It’s interesting to view all the art work and observe that none of the representations of trees have fruit.  With my background disquiet with The US Black Friday which this year migrated to the UK, I found myself writing the following poem.

Trees with No Fruit

Is it not a barren land where trees prosper and grow but bare not fruit

What does it say of you and I and the future of the world we are living in.

Big tall trees may present a picture of power and might like the once industralised world that we’re living in

Flowers are beautiful with scents that tantalise like the bounty of consumer goods increasingly consuming our lives

But at the end of the day, what of the fruit that demonstrates we toil for a purpose and not in vain

The fruits with their seeds for sustainability

So beyond the beauty, what is the future of the world in which we abide



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