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Where’s Your Poppy?

I have a poppy, which I choose to wear and I wear it with great pride. It actually looks just like this one worn by young Nicholas on XFactor.

At the same time, I’ve found it fascinating that there are people who believe that people should wear a poppy. I’ve heard it said that if you go to the BBC studios in early November you are automatically given a poppy to wear before you go on air.

More recently there has been the case of the reporter, Charlene White who has been said to have received a lot of abuse for deciding not to wear a poppy. Ref: ITV news reporter receives racial and sexual abuse.

As I’ve already said, I wear a poppy. However isn’t Remembrance Day aimed at honouring those that fought for our liberty and freedom. Regardless of opinion and reasoning, what does the condemnation, intimidation and bullying of  people who choose not to wear a poppy say about our view on their entitlement to express their liberty and freedom of choice?


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