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Any person who has the opportunity to interact with Susan and listen to her speak will be taken on a journey that inspires them to think outside of the box and realise that the world is really and truly their oyster – full of opportunities to be explored. They will find themselves both appreciating and recognising both their own unique value and worth as well as people that surround them both locally and globally.


Susan has parlayed a Masters in Human Resources Strategy and Change with an additional focus on engaging in business, education, and social issues. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Good Work Guild. Additionally, she makes time to feed her passion for research and writing books in these specialised subject matters.


Susan is an award winner for Milton Keynes Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Equality and Diversity Awards 2012, Women4Africa Author of the year 2013; Corporate Vision HR Transformation Consultancy 2016; and African Diaspora Awards, Community Champion 2019.


Susan relates to the challenges, concerns and the environment of people from different backgrounds, not only because of her vast experiences, but her ability to relate to others and see things from their point of view.

Key Subject Areas:

My Story, Finding Your Place, Gender Harmony, Multicultural Harmony, Social Impact & Harmony, Workplace Harmony & Building Mosaic Teams

Clients Include:

  • Investment Banking

  • The Consulting Industry

  • Business Conferences

  • Education Business Partnership

  • Universities e.g., DePaul University, Universities of Buckingham, Northampton & Bedfordshire

  • Schools & Colleges e.g., Felsted School, Avanti House & Milton Keynes College Group

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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Male Perspectives on
The Value of Women at Work

This significant work by Susan is an exploration of the value women bring to the world of work - from the variety of perspectives of a rich diversity of men who highlight some of the things that women uniquely bring to the workplace. They also highlight challenges that impede women’s ability to realise their full potential – both at individual and systemic levels.


Diverse to Mosaic Britain

In this offering by Susan Popoola, she takes her readers on a journey to understanding how Britain has come to be such a diverse country and to look into how we all need to learn, live, and work together.

Heart Cover 3D V2.jpg

Touching The Heart of Milton Keynes:
A Social Perspective

Be drawn into a place of growing beauty and charm that truly has something for everyone as Milton Keynes come to life in this concise, yet comprehensive and multi-dimensional exploration of a city often misunderstood.


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