Susan Popoola

Leveraging The Value of People
February 16th, 2013 by SusanPopoola

About Me

From a Myers-Briggs perspective I’m an INTJ which means that I live in a world of ideas and strategic planning. I value intelligence, knowledge, and competence, and typically have high standards in these regards. I see the tremendous value and need for systems and organisation and combine this with natural insightfulness.

Aligned to my natural belief in the value that all people have to offer I use these skills and capabilities to Leverage the Value of People in the The World of Work; Society – The World We Live In and through the Education and Integration of Younger Generations.

I refer to this as Human Value Optimisation:

The World of Work
I’m professionally qualified Human Resources professional specialising in Transformation, Talent Management and Engagement with the Third Sector, Education and organisations with a Social Conscience with cross sector experience with organisations such as WorleyParsons, Arup, The Department of Health, Kent County Council and The Royal Festival Hall I have established my creditability within the field.

The World We Live In
As a Systems thinker, with my travel and research into social and community issues at local, national and global levels I have established an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the issues not only impact on society generally but also business and employment. Some of my key research areas include the Social Dynamics of Milton Keynes; Diversity in Britain; The impact of De-industrialisation; Post Katrina New Orleans & The Role of Generation Y; Haiti – Prospects & Unemployment.

Younger Generations
Through my work with young people and the Education system first as a Youth Worker and currently as a School Governor, EBPs, Schools, Universities and Young Enterprise I have the ability to connect with and understand of young people. This includes insights into the needs and most effective processes for engaging young people within the workforce and wider society

As a result, I have an acute knowledge and insights into 21st Century workforce and society issues