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Susan is an award winning consultant specialising in Talent Management, Inclusion, and Engagement; a Community Activist with a deep-rooted belief in human value; a published author of books exploring the world in which we live; and a Public Speaker.


Coming from a diverse, multicultural background with a diversity of experience from across different areas of society and involvement in different aspects of society – most especially young people and people from challenged backgrounds – Susan has the ability to relate to and connect with virtually anyone.

People interacting with Susan are typically inspired to think outside of the box and realise that the world with its rich tapestry is really and truly their oyster – full of opportunities to be both exploited and shared.  They find themselves both appreciating and recognising both their own unique value and worth and that of the people that surround them both locally and globally. Susan relates to both the challenges, concerns, and the environment of people from different backgrounds, not only because of her vast and varied experience but also because of her ability to relate to others and see things from their point of view. This is part of the uniqueness that Susan brings to optimise human value in various arenas.


Susan is also the author of three books: Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective, Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain, and Male Perspectives on The Value of Women at Work.





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Susan has a deep passion for young people, with a strong focus on supporting children and young people to better understand who they are and achieve what they want from life.

Susan has a strong focus on the Care Experience, working directly with care leavers and through work with people in all spheres of life where people may engage with care experienced people, which is basically everywhere!

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Indepth Knowledge

“I had the unique and distinct pleasure of welcoming Susan as a guest speaker to my class at DePaul last night. Susan graciously accepted my invitation to travel from the UK to Chicago. She quickly demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of the Millennial generation (which applies to all my students in this particular class) and her keen grasp on events at the local, national and global levels. Her presentation on values and beliefs aligned with the values and mission of DePaul University and resonated with the students that were listening to and interacting with her. She made an impression, she captured the students’ interests and most were practically laser-locked on her words. I could almost see the “wheels turning” in their heads as they considered and critically thought through what she was discussing. This was particularly relevant discussion, as most students are graduating shortly and are focused on building their careers. Thank you, Susan!” 

Janice Newman, Professor at DePaul University

Engaging & Friendly

“I think that Susan’s talk was very engaging in getting people interested in talking about things such as different cultures. I found that she had a very friendly and welcoming approach. By asking people specific questions, not only did she make it more interactive and engaging but also showed how culture and ethnicity issues affect everyone.”
Mukau – Student

Encouraging & Inquiring

“I had the great pleasure of working with Susan recently in an open forum focussing on different elements regarding Black Britain for Black History Month. What impressed me greatly, and one of the reasons I was keen to take part, was that Susan created a safe, trusted and open environment where a number of us could discuss our thinking on difficult topics. I work with business leaders as an executive leadership coach and never has a forum such as this been needed more. Susan’s easy, encouraging and inquiring style brings out real insight which I believe to be essential in making progress in this crucial area. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough – thank you for bringing me into the conversation.”

Matthew Griffiths, Board Chair, Vistage (UK) 

Excellent Presenter

“Susan Popoola is an excellent presenter and engages her audiences well. She is knowledgeable and engaged our students in a discussion around graduate opportunities in the workplace with an awareness of current tends both in the UK and globally.”

Lydia Selby, Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance University of Northampton

Expert Facilitation

 have worked with Susan professionally for a number of years and her human-first approach has ensured she has been successful in providing valuable advice and insights to support change programmes as well as delivering practical facilitation and professional services to support a range of people services and organisational development activities.

Her discursive sessions enabled an honest sharing of views and enquiry, expertly facilitated by Susan, who allowed participants to find their own way openly and constructively. I valued the time and space to reflect, to hear from others and to bring some order to a complex and emotive challenge. Susan’s approach to deconstructing a problem so that it could be better understood and more intelligently faced provided a valuable framework in which to begin difficult conversations and emerging actions.

Julie Mills, Principal,

Milton Keynes College

Willing to Listen

“I like the fact that you’re willing to listen to people and take on board people’s ideas and opinions. Discussions with you are great as you are able to give a different insight and perspective on important issues in society. You are able to make people feel comfortable enough to ask questions and share experiences.”


+44 (0)7957 743022

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