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“Celebrating Diversity, Empowerment and the Transformation of Lives: Susan Popoola"

The 2023 Women Leaders awards gala held on 7th June was a night to remember, filled with glitz, glamour, and inspiring stories of exceptional women. Among the esteemed winners was Susan Popoola, a renowned advocate for diversity, inclusion and empowerment, who received the prestigious Award for Transforming Lives. As an intern attending this remarkable event, I had the privilege of witnessing Susan's well-deserved recognition and the impact of her work on empowering individuals and organisations.

Diverse Categories and Inspiration:

The awards celebrated individuals across various sectors, emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusion. With 14 open nomination categories, the event ensured representation from all walks of life, including a special focus on encouraging women in STEM careers. The anticipation and excitement in the room were palpable as 360+ attendees, dressed to impress, eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners.

Susan Popoola's Remarkable Achievement:

Susan Popoola, the founder of Mosaic Fusions Ltd and Mosaic Wise CIC, was honoured with the #TranformingLives award under the category of #NoneoftheAbove, for her outstanding contributions which include leadership support, promoting diversity, mentoring others, and her initiatives to create awareness and support young people who have been in care. With her extensive cross-sector experience and commitment to an inclusive world, Susan has played a vital role in developing highly productive environments that reflect the rich diversity of society.

Driving Positive Change:

Susan's work has transcended borders, as she has collaborated and worked with organisations and individuals from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. Her dedication to promoting diversity and empowering individuals to reach their full potential has impacted countless lives, from those in leadership, to young people and to those often unseen within society.

As an author, speaker, and talent development expert, Susan Popoola has continuously championed the value and potential of every individual. Her books, "Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective," "Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain," and "Male Perspectives on The Value of Women at Work," serve as valuable resources that address the challenges faced in creating inclusive communities in the workplace and beyond.

Inspiring the Next Generation:

Susan’s professional endeavours also involve the running of Mosaic Wise, a Community Interest Company that focuses on supporting and enabling children and young adults to navigate the complexities of their various environments. By promoting self-identity and personal development, Susan empowers the next generation to become confident leaders and contributors to society. Susan supports young people who have been in care, offering valuable guidance in helping them understand their values, worth, and place in society. By facilitating a comprehensive exploration of their identity, Susan empowers these young people to unlock their full potential and navigate diverse environments and situations they may encounter in their life journeys. Initiatives such as the Christmas letters of love for young people who are care experienced to recognise the challenges of being alone during festive occasions. This heartfelt gesture has had a profound impact on numerous lives, bringing about positive changes for those who received the letters and also for many that write them.

The recognition of Susan Popoola with the #TranformingLives award at the 2023 gala dinner was a well-deserved tribute to her tireless efforts in promoting diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. According to Tess Osunkoya, Founder and Chief Executive of Renova Trust,

A well-deserved award. I am pleased your special talent and abilities, in bringing growth to businesses as well as individuals, have been recognised.

Susan's passion, cross-sector experience, and ability to connect with people from all backgrounds make her a truly exceptional advocate for positive change. Her unwavering commitment to the future of work, regeneration, skills, and inclusion has established her as a prominent voice.

As an intern fortunate enough to attend this remarkable event, I walked away inspired by Susan Popoola's achievements and her transformative power. Her work serves as a testament to the positive impact individuals can make when they embrace and celebrate our collective differences.

- Jyotsnaa Jinagam (Brand Rationalisation and Marketing Intern)

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