Watching the Golf Opens I found myself contemplating the role of a Caddy and what there role would be in a business environment. i.e. People talk about the importance of Coaches & Mentors, but how would a caddy fit into the business environment.

In golf, a caddy carries a player’s bag & clubs, & gives insightful advice & moral support. A good caddy is also aware of the challenges & obstacles of the golf course being played, along with the best strategy in playing it. (Source: Wikipedia)

In essence a Golf Caddy used effectively acts as added backbone to a player. In business I coach, I mentor, & enabled I do great caddying too!


Susan Popoola runs Conning Towers Ltd, an HR organisation focused on Talent Management and HR Transformation and Engaged For Success a Social Enterprise. She is also the published author of Touching The Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social PerspectiveandConsequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain. She is also Winner Women4Africa Author of the Year 2013

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