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Girls and Golf

When I went along to support a Charity Golf event, I decided that the next time I went for such an event, I wanted to have the option of actually playing.  I have therefore recently started Golf lessons.

They say a lot of networking and business is done on the Golf course.  Though it’s not my motivational, it’s nice to know that I have already made a couple of friends.  As they are both learners as well we’ve started arranging to meet for extra practice time in between the formal lessons.

When I went to the Golf Club for this purpose on a late Thursday evening I noticed that there were a fair number of children – girls and boys alike – taken lessons.  Now that weren’t as many girls as there were boys, but I did begin to wonder whether this may be one of the avenues through which barriers to women in business are ultimately broken down.

So may I ask – does your daughter play Golf? 🙂


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