Your People – Your Brand

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What conversations are you having with your employees…. especially those of colour?

The recent murder of a black man by a policeman in America and the spotlight currently being placed on the poor treatment of black people which has been brought to the fore is traumatising.

People are still suffering the impact of COVID 19, most especially among Black, Asian and Minority groups where there has been a disproportionate amount of suffering and loss.

So in relation to COVID, what conversations are you having with staff who have worked through the lockdown who are now likely to be faced with increased interactions and demands – especially those working in areas such as schools and retail?

Then there are those that are now (or in the next few weeks) going back to work for the first time. What dialogue are you having with them about risks, process, support and their concerns?

Back to the traumatic scenes unfolding on our television screens: what are you saying to all your employees – inclusive of those at working from home or furloughed – perhaps watching the scenes on the telly in horror or in tears?

What you say to them; more critically, how you openly listen to them to understand their experiences and concerns; and how you support them is far more important than the brand message you put out on Social Media declaring support for Black Lives. Most especially true if your previous actions don’t align to the message you’re now putting out.

The people that work with you ultimately your best brand ambassadors.


Susan Popoola

Human Value Optimisation Specialist

Leveraging the Value of People to Develop a Mosaic World.

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